Why choose Syncura for the management of my condominium ?

A digital, transparent and efficient solution to manage your condominium


Your needs are our priority. That's why with Syncura, you benefit from an in-house service that is available 24 hours a day to respond to your requests and questions.


Thanks to mySyncura, our digital platform - you have access to all your documents. No more endless email exchanges, we offer you maximum accessibility allowing you to keep an eye on your budget and on the management of your property.


Buildings, flats, car parks, industrial estates, shopping centres, student rooms, service residences... Whatever your property is, we have the expertise to manage it.

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For every type of property

In addition to our residential real estate offer, Syncura also specializes in co-ownership management of assisted-living apartments and commercial real estate. Syncura has a specialized team for each of these two divisions that exclusively manages healthcare or commercial real estate.

Syncura for care
Syncura for Care

With Syncura for Care, you benefit from a real estate partner who has the necessary knowledge to manage your assisted living facility.

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Beheer commercieel vastgoed Steen III
Syncura for Business

Syncura for Business focuses on four main activities: the management of SME parks, hotels, business parks and shopping centers

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About Syncura

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Our services

Our goal is to manage your co-ownership as if we were co-owners ourselves. That is why we place high demands on our services. We owe our success to our 130 qualified employees, who are all specialists in their field.

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Technical management

The technical management of a ACO mainly involves maintenance work and repairs. Consider, for example, the maintenance of technical installations or repairs to the sanitary facilities. Syncura calls on specialized professionals for this, acts as the first point of contact and ensures that everything runs quickly and efficiently.

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Administrative management

Administrative management is one of the main responsibilities of the property manager. Syncura therefore resolutely opts for a digital portal. A web portal per co-owner with all relevant information can be consulted free of charge for every co-owner.

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Contract management

By bundling purchases and making the right goals with suppliers, Syncura realizes sharper prices for the VME along with improved quality. This is only interesting for each party if clear agreements are made in advance. The syndic is ideally placed for this.

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Financial management

Transparent, clear and correct financial management of your ACO is the basis for efficient cooperation. Drawing up a budget, requesting advances, collecting arrears and setting up a reserve capital are just a few of the obligations that the property manager must meticulously fulfill

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Some buildings from our portfolio

De Nieuwe Dokken in Gent

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Syndicus Syncura Royal Louise in Brussel
Project Royal Louise in Brussel

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Syncura is syndicus van project De Heern in Herentals Limburg
De Heern in Herentals, Limburg

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